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College Grads are Eager to Please

I had the opportunity to speak with a group of about 60 juniors and seniors at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland yesterday. That in itself isn't unusual since I am on the faculty at this school. What was unusual, for me at least, is that this wasn't a class. In fact this group was the Phi Chi Theta co-ed business fraternity. This group was interesting in that the female members happily refer to themselves as "brothers." I was perfectly content to go along with that!

This was a gathering of soon-to-be college graduates who just wanted an idea of how to conduct themselves once they enter the "real world." What I found was a group of young people bursting with passion. The simplicity and openness of some of the questions was refreshing and further further revealed the trepidatious excitement within these future members of our workforce.

There was nary hint of "safe spaces" or "trigger warnings." Rather it was an open discussion about the attributes they make a person successful in their career and life. I will be writing about these attributes, or "pillars" as I call them, over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I have to admit that I am just a bit jealous of the bright futures ahead for these students albeit not nearly as jealous as I am of their future employer!

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