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A Hands-on Approach

Capital Formation and M&A Services

Our team has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.  Before you talk with the Bank, give us a call.  We have a network of bankers, private investors, mezzanine lenders, venture capital, private equity, and venture debt.  We offer advisory services and can work directly with lenders.  We are not FINRA registered broker/dealers, but have relationships with many who are registered.  This means we can offer truly impartial and unbiased advice.  

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Leadership & Human Capital Optimization

A Hands-on Approach


We have managed thousands of people, but we know that management really comes down to one person at a time.  We will meet with as many members of your staff as necessary.  We will find out what they really think and what would make them truly happy.  Happy and productive team members make an organization run smoothly and free up time for managers and business owners.

Our team is highly experienced at leadership coaching.  You know that your key people are critical to your success.  We work with them to help them perform at their top level.

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A Realistic Approach


There a plenty of business process fads out there.  Our approach is that no process framework is one-size-fits-all.  We get into your organization and tailor a framework that will work for YOUR COMPANY.  Our results are nothing short of amazing because we don't try to force our clients into an ill conceived process improvement scheme.  We help your people get results and set up your organization to continue to get results long ofter our work is done.

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Business Process Re-Engineering

Strategy Without Implementation is No Strategy at All!


We get tired of seeing "Strategic Planning" being touted as the service du jour.  Our take on strategy is backed by the top academic research in the world and combined with real world experience with implementation. Sure, our team has taught strategic management to hundreds of MBA students, but we have also implemented strategy for dozens of companies. 

You won't simply get a binder of ideas from us.  Rather, you will get a Step-by-Step Instruction Manual.  Our team will go even further and actually help you implement your chosen strategy.  Whether you go for a cost leadership approach (like Walmart) or an extreme differentiation approach (like Apple), we have done it all.  We also realize that there are no shortcuts to designing and implementing a profit maximizing strategy.

In short, we make it work for you.

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Strategy Design & Implementation

When Your Team Needs to Learn or Get Motivated


Our team has deep experience in assembling customized training sessions.  These sessions are tailored to your organization's needs.  Topics include:

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Leadership 

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Culture Indoctrination

  • Productivity

  • Safety

  • New Manager Skills

  • Advanced Leadership Skills

  • Beginner Communication 

  • Advanced Communication​

We also provide speakers for corporate meetings, retreats, and workshops.  Topics include "How to Grow," "The Beauty of Positivity," "Leadership That Matters," and "Finding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit," among many other topics. Most of these speaking engagements are completely customized for your organization.  Get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

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Training & Speaking Engagements
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